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We want in the act with our own web site as we are good folks and there are more of us than YOU. Let us all relax and go back a bit!
Young people are doing greatthings but so did we, not the same things, but equally significent. Share our knowlege, experience and see the things we make. We refuse to be left out any age may join us if they ...

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Marguerite, you have to get a computer! You must be joking, if some of this modern stuff has more than two moving parts, I couldn't figure it out. I never trusted an adding machine unless it had paper to prove it knew what it was doing. Fifty years in the apparel business and do believewe were the last ones in the civilized world to get a fax machine and after many years still do not trust it to feed all the pages through so I scotch tape them 'into one long strip ...

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Wall Street Market Suffers Heavy Losses in Bear Drive Confidence in Stock Values Has Undergone Severe Test

Lack of Rallying Power and Failure of Brokers' Loans to Decline with Decling Prices Blamed for Losses to Many Shareholders.
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